Take a Seat at the Paradise Frequently Asked Questions


Who “owns” the Paradise Theatre?

The nonprofit, Friends of the Paradise Theatre, holds the deed. However, they owe 4 local people who loaned $150,000 for the building purchase. That loan must be paid back by March 31, 2017

What do you mean by “community owned?”

Our vision is that FOPT will be custodian of the building on behalf of the local community. Therefore, we would like members of the community to pitch in and “put their fingerprints” on building the future of the Paradise Theatre.

What are the different levels of contribution that I can make?

Although FOPT will gratefully accept any contribution, we have defined 4 levels of sustained contribution for the “Take a Seat at the Paradise” campaign.

Bar Stools$50/Month($600/Yr)
Front Rows$120/Month($1440/Yr)

Your 2-year commitment to the “Take a Seat at the Paradise” campaign awards you:

  • – a permanent commemorative brass plaque on a seat of your choosing,
  • – a 6″x6″ wooden lobby tile etched with a design/text of your choosing,
  • – honorable on-screen mentions of your support, and
  • – the gratitude of theater-goers, artists, and performers for generations to come.

Why is this request for donations urgent? What will my contribution be used for?

In order to maintain itself, the Paradise cannot carry debt on the building. Contributions will be used to share the ownership with the community. If we exceed our goal (and in Phase 3 of our plans) we will look at improving and expanding the theater to create an even better experience for everyone.

What happened to the Kickstarter contributions?

Funding from the Kickstarter campaign in 2014 was used to purchase the Barco Digital projector and other required equipment. Remaining funds paid for much needed renovations in the projection booth, theater hall and lobby.

I thought the theater was doing OK. Is the Paradise’s operating model working?

The Paradise has been able to break even with movies, events and concessions. From the beginning, however, we anticipated the need to raise funds for the building, facilities and technology improvements.

I think that movie theaters are on their way out. I have Netflix and cable TV. Why should I donate to something that may become obsolete?

Some folks might think movie theaters are becoming obsolete. We believe that the shared experience of watching a movie together is still special. The many patrons who regularly come to the Paradise would agree.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

The Friends of the Paradise Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law. Check with your accountant or the IRS if you have questions.

I would like to request a movie/program for the Paradise. Whom should I contact?

Use the contact form or talk to one of the Paradise staff the next time you are at the theater.

How do I get information about the Paradise’s schedule?

The best resource is the Paradise Theatre’s event calendar. We also advertise on KVNF and in the High Country Shopper and we post events on our marquis.