Theatre Rental

The Paradise Theatre is a small, independent venue and business with the commitment to present and host high-quality, diverse programming with the aim of elevating art and culture within the community. The Paradise Theatre produces live entertainment and music as well as a variety of community events throughout the year. The theater may also be booked for private and public rental.

It has a digital projection system, which can be utilized for DVD format projection as well as projection from a laptop. A full sound system is also available.

The theater has 119 fixed seats, including two small balconies, a bar area, a stage and a hardwood dance floor. The total capacity is 200.

Stage dimensions: 19’7” wide by 14’ deep.
Dance floor dimensions: 26’ wide by 14’ deep.

Barco DP2k-10 S

ETC Color Source 20 touch screen DMX lighting console
16 ETC full color led pars in varying beam spreads

Mains 1 pair QSC HPR 153F
House Console Midas Venice 320 32 channel
Monitors QSC K12

If you need a Certificate of Insurance, visit the Event Helper site.

Booking and rental inquiries: Email us at