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Your Community, Your Theatre

It’s a brand new era for our theatre!

We made it through COVID… but the world of the arts and entertainment has undergone immense changes. Small theatres across the country have had to close their doors. Large chains have filed for bankruptcy. People are choosing Netflix and Hulu over the big screen…. but we have plans to keep the Paradise alive.

Rural theatres like ours have an edge, because we have community. And our community has a lot to offer! Part of our plan to revive the Paradise Theatre includes inviting you all to be a part of the show. We know this Valley is rich with talent, and we invite you join us. We started the season off with a big show of local talent called “Paradise Found.”  It was a great success and we hope to keep that momentum going with smaller shows, more often.

Can you sing, dance, juggle, rap, yodel, or read tarot cards in front of an audience? Or do you prefer to be behind the scenes making the magic happen? Fill out the form below to let us know what you can offer. We’ll contact you soon about upcoming projects that include a variety show, a cabaret, a comedy revue… and much more!


Creativity. Community. Rebirth.

Welcome to your Paradise Theatre.

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Can you sing, play music, dance, act, do acrobatics, circus, flow arts, magic tricks, read your poetry, juggle, rap, ride a unicycle, do tricks with your dog, yodel, whistle, DJ, VJ. Are you a ventriloquist??
Sound, video, lights, costume designer, stagehand, set decoration, playwright, composer, director....
If you feel like it
If you feel like it

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