Adventures In Tree Sitting

Julia Butterfly Hill: Adventures In Tree Sitting

Featuring Bonnie Raitt, Joan Baez and Michael Franti

Spotlight on Local Filmmaker Jed Justeson and his collaborator, director/editor Lou Angelo

Friday, Aug 2 7:00pm
By suggested donation, support Western Slope Conservation Center + The Paradise Theatre
Filmmaker Q&A following the screening

Can one person really make a difference? In December 1997, Julia Hill climbed a thousand-year-old sequoia, vowing not to come down until the tree was saved from logging. She lived 55 meters above the ground for more than two years, fueling intense controversy over the fate of Northern California’s ancient forests.

In the ancient forest of Northern California, near the Headwaters Forest Preserve, Julia Hill, whose “forest name” is Butterfly, volunteered to climb a 1000 year old redwood, named “Luna” to keep the tree from being cut down. She thought she would stay in the tree for a day or two. She did not come down for two years. Julia never left her perch 200 feet above the forest floor, yet went on an epic journey of the human spirit that gave her a deeper understanding of the area she was trying to preserve and also of herself. Just before she came down, she shared her story.

Director/editor Lou Angelo toiled for many years in Hollywood, editing several feature films, as well as popular television series like Tales From the Crypt and CSI. Lou became acquainted with Julia Butterfly Hill while working as senior editor on The Thin Green Line, a show about people fighting to save the environment. Julia contributed to the show with a monthly report from her home in the sky. Lou was so impressed by her courage, her vitality, and her growth as a human being that he wanted to tell her story to the world.

Lou and Paonia resident Jed Justeson, who did the music supervision and sound design, have been close friends and collaborators since their days at USC Film School, over 40 years ago. They worked together on Peabody Award winning children’s show Against the Odds, and on countless commercials to pay the rent as well as labors of love like Adventures in Tree Sitting. When Jed saw the kind of person Julia is, and the power of her experience, he enthusiastically lent his time and expertise to the project.

Adventures in Tree Sitting has appeared in festivals and won several awards. We are proud and grateful to have the opportunity to share it again and support WSCC.


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