Forbidden Planet image

Sci Fi Week
March 29, 2pm and 7pm
$5 or $12 for Forbidden Planet, The Last Man On Earth and They Came From Beyond Space

Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” is transformed into Forbidden Planet, this landmark science-fiction film with groundbreaking special effects. Space men travel to a planet ruled by expatriate Pidgeon who has built a kingdom with his daughter and obedient robot Robby. There the good doctor is plagued by his mad quest for knowledge through his “brain booster” machine, and by Freudian “monsters from the id” as his daughter discovers other men and learns to kiss.

Rating: G
Genre: Classics, Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By: Fred Wilcox, Fred McLeod Wilcox
Written By: Cyril Hume
Runtime: 98 minutes