This FAQ page will answer several pressing questions people have during the Theatre’s transition period.

Who are the members of the Friends of the Paradise Theatre (FOPT) group and how can they be contacted?

  • There is a small team working on the start up of the FOPT as a nonprofit corporation (Elaine Brett, Amy DeLuca and Mike Drake).
  • There is a longer list of “friends” who have participated in numerous meetings and signed up to help with the theater. We have some steady volunteers who help with the box office and concessions.
  • Of course, there are the creative people who provide programming and entertainment (e.g., Pickin’ Productions, Marty Durlin, Merrily Talbot, local musicians, etc.).
  • Best way to contact the FOPT is via email.

If people are interested in getting engaged as a “Friend”, is this group open for members and how can they go about joining?

  • Yes – absolutely – this is an open group. Sign up at the Paradise or leave an email.

If the Kickstarter funding effort is successful, who will own the Digital Projector asset?

  • The projector will be ultimately owned by the FOPT, i.e. the community.

Is the Paradise going to be operated by a nonprofit? If so, does this 501(c)3 exist or does it need to be created?

  • The plan is to form a nonprofit. The application is in process. We are looking at different models for management and operations and are open to suggestions.

How will the FOPT work with the theater owner (once the transaction closes)? Will they lease the building back to a nonprofit group? Will this present any risks or undesirable encumbrances?

  • It is our intention that FOPT will own the building. With the FOPT owning the building, then we definitely will have a community-operated theater!

Who will run the theater day to day?

  • Our current plan is to have a manager/creative director, supported by a group of volunteers.

How much money is really needed to complete the Kickstarter funding campaign. There have been postings on Facebook indicating that sizable amounts of external funding exist. Are we already there when this funding is included?

  • The online Kickstarter campaign is going very well with $38,000+ posted on March 10. We are also receiving donation checks in the mail daily. We have a strategy for the campaign to ensure we make the online goal of $43,500. We have two situations with Kickstarter. First, we only get the Kickstarter funds if we make or exceed our goal. Second, Kickstarter takes a percentage of all funds donated. We also have sought and obtained grants for the campaign. We will make the goal! All funds collected beyond the required money to buy and install the Digital Projector will go into much needed upgrades in the theater.

What kind of programming will the theater run? Will it remain as an “arts” theater or will it now offer first run movies?

  • The formula of indie and first run movies combined with live music, community theater, TV events and concession sales are all vital parts to the theater’s success. We welcome feedback on your favorite programming, and our online survey will be coming soon.

How will the FOPT work to gather community input about programming?  How can community members voice their desires and preferences?

  • We are planning on a community meeting April 17th to start. We also need board members and community advisors to help set the direction. Suggestions are always welcome. Talk to Amy or Elaine or email the FOPT.

Will the Paradise collaborate with other nonprofits such as the Blue Sage to compliment vs. compete?

  • We have begun conversations with the Blue Sage and other groups . We all recognize that collaboration is  in the best interest of the community.

What is the timeline for the theater to go into operation?

  • We are not real sure at this point. We know that there may be some time off to install the new Digital Projector. We hope to be fully operational by sometime in June.

Are any other upgrades planned for the building?

  • We have had building inspections that defined required repairs and upgrades. The inspection indicated that the building is structurally sound and there are some obvious repairs needed. Also, we have asked and received input from the users of the Paradise for a “wish list” for the improvements to the stage, sound, etc. We see a 5-year plan for renovation ahead.

Being owned by a nonprofit, will the building be eligible for state historical funds to help with infrastructure and building rehab?

  • Yes, and funds also will be available from other state departments and various foundations.