Digital Conversion Kickstarter Campaign

Without a Projection Digital Conversion, the Paradise Theatre Will Go Dark!


We launched a Kickstarter campaign to convert to digital projection!

It’s no secret, small theaters all over the country are facing closures because the big movie studios have changed format from 35 mm to specialized digital projection. You won’t see an impact at a big Cineplex in the city, but here in Paonia, Colorado, in the North Fork Valley, it’s a big deal.

The Paradise Theatre has served our community for over 80 years. It has been a center of the community for movies, concerts, theater productions and local gatherings. It is where families come together and share a bowl of popcorn. It is where young people meet to view the latest adventure film. On cold winter evenings, people gather to watch independent films at our Cabin Fever series. Over the holidays, kids of all ages marvel at the latest Disney film.

“It is a place where everyone in the community can gather for shared joy as they have an experience. A place where can see our loved ones perform. It is a piece of beautiful history, central to our downtown, that has provided entertainment for it’s community for 80 yrs. As far as movies, it’s the closest place in over 30 miles to watch movies – getting people out of their insular world to again, have a shared experience. And yes, it helps keep a community alive and interacting with each other.” Andrea Lecos, local business owner.

But that could all change. The Paradise Theatre is undergoing a transition. Without the new digital projection format the theater will likely close its doors. While we are still able to book a few first-run films, the time is fast approaching where there will be no supply of 35-mm films. The Friends of the Paradise Theater intend to raise a total of $63,500 to make the necessary digital movie format conversion to keep the doors open at this important community asset. In our small town, the loss of our Theater will greatly affect many other businesses.

Fortunately, the State of Colorado and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) have offered the Paradise Theatre a $20,000 grant to help with the costs. This crowdfunding campaign is critical to our fundraising plan to match the grant and raise the additional $43,500.

As Tom Wills, a Local Business owner said “A theater is one of those touchstones of local culture. Like a public library or a town park. If you lose it you’ve lost a chunk of small town soul.”

We thank you in advance for helping us meet our goal, and keeping The Paradise as a viable cornerstone in our community. If we exceed our goal, all extra funds will be applied to Act 2 of our Paradise renovation.

You may also send your contributions to the Paradise at P.O.Box 886, Paonia, CO 81428. We have set up a bank account for this fundraising effort.