Monday, Sep 19 (7:30pm)
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This month’s series is sponsored by Viva La Vida Foundation.

The documentary, Centaur, uncovers the controversial issues surrounding wild horse round-ups and environmental management by the Bureau of Land Management. In the process of documenting this powerful story, the director James Anaquad Kleinert is confronted by multinational corporations that are threatened by the exposure of their corrupt dealings with the Department of the Interior. James, staying true to his story and his relationship to a tribe of wild horses he befriends, takes this case all the way to federal court in Washington D.C. ultimately to win, setting precedent in the law for future wild horse and western public land issues.

This is not just a film about wild horses; it is a film about what is happening to our planet at the hands of corporate interests.
-Michael Blake, author of Dances with Wolves

This is more than a story about wild horses. It is the story these horses tell us about ourselves, globalization, and the ability of a storyteller to persevere despite being targeted by the most powerful government in the world.

This is a work in progress screening and fund raiser so James can complete this crucial documentary film!

Kleinert’s last film Wild Horses & Renegades won numerous international film awards and was one of the Documentary Channels top shows in 2012. Centaur continues the on going story!

Kleinert will be available for a Q&A afterwards. Also, there will be a special appearance – attend and find out!

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