On June 25, 2017 at 3PM at the Paradise Theatre in Paonia, Indivisible groups including the North Fork Valley, Crawford and Montrose and the Delta Democrats will host a free nonpartisan event addressing current healthcare crisis.

Bob Semro, a retired Colorado Healthy Policy Analyst will discuss: Opening the Black Box: Spending, Cost, and Waste in the American Health Care System. Health care costs on Colorado’s West Slope are among the highest in the United States.  Mr. Semro’s presentation offers a glimpse into a system that has created some of the most high-priced healthcare in the world.  Come and learn about why American healthcare is so expensive.

The American healthcare system is not a free-market, where prices are transparent, consumers have choice and competition leads to lower costs.   As a result, our healthcare system offers some of the highest priced healthcare in the world while leaving millions of Americans uninsured or without access to affordable care.

For families, healthcare costs are growing twice as fast as average household income. On average, the cost of hospital services has grown by about 10 percent a year.  National spending on prescription drugs increased by two thirds over the last ten years and is projected to increase by the same amount over the next ten years.  On top of that, thirty cents of every dollar spent on health care in the United States can be classified as waste.  That total is more than all of the money this country spends on K-12 education.

Bob Semro is a Colorado native who worked in the private healthcare sector for more than 25 years. He was a Health Policy Analyst for the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and the Bell Policy Center and served on the Colorado Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Reform, the Home Health Care Advisory Committee for the Colorado Department of Health and Environment, the Colorado Consumer Insurance Council and various advisory groups for the Colorado Health Insurance Exchange.

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